Life Update #1: I’m back & I’ve been accepted into a master’s program


Why did it take over 8 months for me to write a post? Honestly, it’s because for a long time I lost perspective.  After I was discharged from the military, like many veterans, I walked around like a lost zombie. I’m slowly coming back to life! (Insert zombie noises here).

Today, I wanted to share some spectacular news before the shock wore off! George Washington University finally sent me a decision letter in regards to an application that I had submitted for their master’s in Publishing program. Yours truly, is a little closer to accomplishing her life goals.  I graduated with my bachelors in December and then made the long haul to Hawaii to meet up with my family. I’ve been lucky so far!  In January I was graciously accepted as a proofreader by a publishing house in Honolulu. In April, there will be a writing conference that I’m excited about.

If you’re going to be in Honolulu and are a writer, publishing professional, or looking for information about publishing and the world of publishing, please come! I will be there representing the proofreading section!

More information about the 2016 Honolulu Writers, Authors, and Poets Gathering here:

Now, all the joy is washing away from the grad school acceptance letter; I’ve got a whole other problem: how am I going to pay for this?

March 14, 2016 update: I just received word that I have been accepted to my dream art school SCAD. I’m extremely grateful!


Photo credit to Pixabay.