When You’re a Veteran. . .

  • You don’t have to wait until you’re 70 years old for your friends to start dying around you.
  • You’re with others but you’re still alone.
  • Sometimes you regret ever donning a uniform, but, sometimes others help you feel proud that you did.
  • You know (really know) what the word “camaraderie” means, and feel lucky because you know the truth: people only think that they do.
  • You know someone who has committed suicide and it haunts you. Sometimes you wonder if you’re next.
  • You still “visit” in your sleep and wonder why you never dream of the good experiences.
  • You wonder when the war is going to really end and hate knowing that even if it does, one will always exist within you.



Peace is made up of the same matter that clouds are.

Though you left, you’re never that far.


Photo credit to Geralt@Pixabay.