Did you know that Goodreads conducts fun reading challenges every year? This year over a million people have chosen to take the challenge with an average of almost 50 books per participant. It’s not too late to join the race though 2016 is quickly coming and going. I joined super late but I’m going to trudge along anyway. Join the challenge on Goodreads here.

Good things about Goodreads:

  • This site makes reading a community event. You can add and link to friends to see what they’re reading or what they thought of books. You can make recommendations and even join the site as an author to promote your own work. You can also find other book lovers if you’re  a lone wolf.
  • Goodreads stimulates literacy and book reading in a world being swallowed up by technology.

Greater things about Goodreads:

  • This site lets you record all of the books you have ever read! This is great for people who mind dump what they have read after a few years. There’s no shame in that either!
  • This site is great for book browsing. It also allows you to quickly and easily save books that you’re interested in but don’t have time to read at the moment.

Check out what I’m currently reading by scrolling to the bottom of this site! Feel free to add me to your friends list!

Happy reading!



Photo via VisualHunt