The Art of Italics

Italics: those beautifully slanted words that a lot of people forget to use or overuse.

When do you italicize words without the mumbo jumbo?

  • To emphasis a word or expression.
    • “I was not there, no matter what she says!”
  • Foreign words.
    • Perhaps your character is in another country and you want to make it feel more authentic by using foreign words.
    • “She swung the payong up and over her shoulder to shield herself from the rain.”
  • Sounds
    • “The siren bellowed a high weeee into the midnight air and a chill stabbed into my core.”
  • Introducing a term in text. You do this the same way you would use quotation marks.
  •   When using letters in math.
    • 32u + 5u = 37u
  • Referring to bodies of work that can stand alone, put anything else in quotes.
    • Book titles
    • Newspapers, magazines, journals, pamphlets, reports, academic research essays
    • TV shows
    • Radio shows and Podcasts
    • Movies
    • Plays, operas, ballets, long musical and poetic work.
    • Works of art
    • Blogs. Websites are just capitalized. Weird, right?