Review: Holy Ghosts: Or, How a (Not So) Good Catholic Boy Became a Believer in Things That Go Bump in the Night by Gary Jansen (Audio)

This book was a fun little read, but when I finally reached the end, I felt like I needed more; not that the book was lacking any creep factor or anything. The visions that Jansen’s own mother has will haunt you and you’ll definitely want to meet the clairvoyant who ends up helping him piece together the mystery going on in his son’s room.

Jansen does a great job of introducing interesting characters. I was also tickled by the fact he’s a fellow publishing industry worker and recorded the audio version himself! He did a really great job with the audio actually. He’s got a great voice and can read well.

For the most part, I liked it. For my ranking system, I gave it a 4.

Who this book is really for: This would be an interesting read for someone curious about how religion responds to the supernatural because–as you can expect from the title–it’s addressed quite a bit. This is what interested me, personally. I wanted to know how he dealt with his religion while facing things he couldn’t explain. Like Jansen, I grew up in a Catholic household, though I’m not anymore. Growing up Catholic, I was encouraged to ignore, deny, and avoid talking about ghosts and the supernatural. I actually learned a thing or two and was particularly interested in the bits about angels and supernatural events that are recorded in the Bible.4