Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day

My love for books started when I was a child. And little did I know, it would all lead to something big–I would chose books and storytelling to be my life’s passion and work.

Life wasn’t always perfect in the books I read but at least things always worked out. As a child with a less than stellar home life, this mattered a lot to me. Books became a comfort and way to escape. I also learned  important things about how the world and people worked.  The books that I read didn’t have perfect lives for the characters in them but things always seemed to work out. The princess was rescued, the dog found his way home, the abuse victim found out that it was all in preparation for something incredible, and the best part–good always prevailed over evil. As a child, this gave me hope that my life would work out, too, and it was only bad in the meantime because my story wasn’t finished yet.

Today is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day! Give your child the gift of adventure today!

To the future generations, that they may love story crafting more than ours!