A Real Daughter Just Published!

A Real Daughter by Lynn McKelvey is officially published! I couldn’t be happier.

A Real Daughter is a pretty interesting story; a woman named Claire, loses her daughter but, death doesn’t stop her daughter from continuing life with Claire. In fact, Claire’s daughter is still very much alive to her and it isn’t until she inherits a stepdaughter is she forced to face herself and what is truly reality.

A Real Daughter explores the realities of stepping into a blended family,  madness, grief, and death. It questions the concept of motherhood and when a mother’s role truly ends. If death isn’t strong enough to break the tie between mother and child, then what is?

I like the honest take on blended families in this book. In real life, the assimilation of broken families isn’t as smooth as we’d like to admit. In A Real Daughter, the “daughter” Claire inherits is a bit of a monster but, she’s real.

Copies of A Real Daughter are available on Amazon and through the publisher. 

The official synopsis, in case you’re interested:

When her infant daughter Sarah unexpectedly dies, Claire, feeling blame, reinvents herself as a landscape gardener in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Claire imagines Sarah still alive, marking her birthdays, Christmas, first day of school—as if Sarah never died.

Remarrying, Claire acquires a step-daughter, eight-year-old Mandy—about the age Sarah would be had she lived. Part vamp, part jealous, bossy and troubled, Mandy is nothing like Sarah, who still lives on in Claire’s imagination.

As Claire lives two lives—one real, one imagined—the clash between the two daughters threatens to destroy her, releasing the demons she has managed, so far, to hold at bay. As the story hurtles towards its harrowing conclusion, Claire must choose between her new life and her haunted past.