StoryTeller by Nicholas Bylotas


“War fills that basin, Javier. Murder is our past! Atrocity is our heritage and love is our redeemer.”

— Vaks Biblent, StoryTeller (230-231)

StoryTeller is a science fiction, adventure story set in a place where there are steel horses, a vanishing group of people known as “StoryTellers,” time travel and bionic people. The characters are  complicated, with backstories full of hardship and the darkest sides of humanity. Vengeance and love are prominent themes. And drama and violence are definitely not left out.. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, really leaving the opportunity for a follow-up novel. In fact, it’s one of those endings where the reader has to decide whether or not the characters died or lived.

Though I personally didn’t connect much with the main character, Vaks, I connected with Cartin. Cartin’s backstory is particularly a sad one; starting off as a miner, she’s set on a dangerous path after her husband’s brutal death.

I normally don’t read science fiction books but this time, I’m happy that I had the opportunity to be the proofreader for this book before it went to print.

Copies available here: Amazon and directly from the publisher.