Review of The Sea Was a Fair Master by Calvin Demmer

I was offered a digital copy of The Sea Was a Fair Master for review and it’s a collection worth reading. I don’t publicly review every book I’m offered, so pay attention.

The Sea Was a Fair Master is currently on pre-order for just under $3, a generous price you can afford. Anyway, you can’t afford to miss this title…unless you’re a younger reader, who shouldn’t be reading books laced with curse words and  murder, anyway. Curse words are light, FYI.

After reading the first 3 stories, I knew that this collection was going to be a winner. It’s a collection of 23 short, thought- provoking stories that have one thing in common: they’re all dark and twisted somehow.  If you thought I was going to say that the common thread is the sea, don’t worry, I thought it would be, too. But, no. The subjects in the stories extend past, just ocean references.

Calvin Demmer, author of The Sea Was a Fair Master.

Short stories aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s appropriate for today’s instant-gratification generation, or for anyone caught up in the daily hustles of life who can’t commit to reading a full-length novel. The stories are short (just a few pages or less) and well-written enough that it would be worth to spend a few minutes every night to read one story. It’s the kind of book to keep on your nightstand.

My favorite story in the collection is, “Underneath,” because of the twist at the end. A married couple end up burying a secret over another secret–literally. “Graves,” a story about a ghost is a sad one to consider, too.

My least favorite was, “Trashcan Sam,” a short about a garbage society members–think hobos gone wild or deranged–who compete to one-up each other.  I think it was still good, but felt it paled in comparison to the others.

Very excellent! And recommended!