About Me


I’m a publishing professional, editor, and grad student by day and independent book reviewer and freelancer by night.


I grew up in San Diego, CA and then joined the military after graduating high school.  I was a Chemical Operations Specialist for about 7 years before getting serious about what I was passionate about. I initially wanted to focus on the culinary arts, food, and culture so even went and earned a degree in culinary arts before getting my English degree. I eventually graduated with a BA in English with a minor in business administration, cum laude the winter of 2015. I’m currently working on getting a MPS in Publishing from George Washington University in hopes of moving into production.

I live on Oahu with my beautiful family and work in publishing–finally! My love for literature and creating books/magazines started very early and one of my regrets is that I didn’t save any of the books I’d made as a kid. I also wish that I had started this career sooner but, better now than never.


  • I serve the writing community as a publishing professional. I work as a book editor for a publishing house and assistant editor for a magazine. I’m also a mentor with a few non-profits. So if you’re local, you may eventually see me around.
  • I proofread write, edit, and assist. I typically work with essays, book manuscripts, and business documents. I’ve also been known to ghost write web content. I’ll be honest though, ghost writing isn’t my favorite thing to do.
  • I design. I have my designs up on internet shops and even had a few put on hundreds of game mats. Cool, right? I also get to design marketing and advertising pieces and book covers. I’ve designed logos and brochures for organizations, too. My love is really in typography and book covers-–go figure. I also enjoy photography!
  • I’m constantly learning, trying to be the best version of myself, and creating. I love art and working with creative people so I try to fill my days with both. I recently graduated with a bachelors in English and a minor in business. I’m currently a graduate student at George Washington University where I study publishing.
  • I work and freelance on the side. 


  • Women’s and children’s causes.
  • Storytelling.
  • Veteran organizations (I’m a veteran, too).
  • Art, creation, and design.


  • Shows: The Office, The Magicians, The Walking Dead, The IT Crowd, The Dead Files, etc. I’m a true crime nerd!
  • Movies: I Am Legend, Hot Fuzz, Wreck-it Ralph, The Great Gatsby, Hunger Games, Moulin Rouge, Sucker Punch, etc.
  • Music: classical and electronica are my favorites. As long as it’s not vulgar or yelling/heavy metal, I’ll listen to it.
  • Books:  I’m not your stereotypical English major; don’t talk to me about Jane Austen–ever. I enjoy thrillers and horror the most but to be honest, I like anything that makes me think critically or that is so impactful it makes me cry. My favorite books of all time are Through the Looking-Glass and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
  • My weirdness: I collect and love miniatures.