Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day


My love for books started when I was a child. And little did I know, it would all lead to something big–I would chose books and storytelling to be my life’s passion and work.

Life wasn’t always perfect in the books I read but at least things always worked out. As a child with a less than stellar home life, this mattered a lot to me. Books became a comfort and way to escape. I also learned  important things about how the world and people worked.  The books that I read didn’t have perfect lives for the characters in them but things always seemed to work out. The princess was rescued, the dog found his way home, the abuse victim found out that it was all in preparation for something incredible, and the best part–good always prevailed over evil. As a child, this gave me hope that my life would work out, too, and it was only bad in the meantime because my story wasn’t finished yet.

Today is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day! Give your child the gift of adventure today!

To the future generations, that they may love story crafting more than ours!



2016 Honolulu Writers, Authors, and Poets Gathering


The 2016 Honolulu Writers, Authors, and Poets Gathering and the 2016 Pacific Rim Book Awards has officially come and gone! I just wanted to take the time to say that it was an honor to be able to attend as faculty. It’s definitely an event writers in Hawaii and far away should check out! I had a lot of fun and met a lot of interesting people.

Just some people I was lucky enough to meet: an author whose pen name guarded her from retaliation, graphic artists, painters, a woman with a freshly broken heart, teachers of crystals and the holistic, business professionals, the Ambassadors of Aloha, a former foreign affairs official, people new to the industry, and a lot of passionate writers and authors.

Something unexpected happened. I received a lot of questions about the industry as a whole, social media, and marketing. I think I’ll write a follow-up post regarding marketing for authors and easy things they can do to promote their books.

I was also able to get a signed copy of Laurent Boulanger’s The Novelist because he flew in from Australia!  His book won the 2016 Pacific Rim awards and I’m excited to read my copy! In his novel he addresses the battles of being a writer so in some romantic way, he’s written a book about a lot of people I know and have known.

The drive to Waikiki was pretty terrible though so if you’re visiting Waikiki be patient and be warned. Half the roads were closed yesterday and traffic was thick. The traffic was probably brought on by the fact that there were a lot of events going on yesterday and the weather was so nice that people were moving out toward the seaside for a fun day at the beach.  It also didn’t help that Waikiki is tourist heaven. I can see why. There’s a lot going on there.

Moana Surf Rider Hotel is amazing! I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to take more pictures. I wasn’t able to because I was there to work and mingle and then my phone inconveniently died on me. Without it I had to guess my way back home after the events because I couldn’t rely on my phone’s GPS. Somehow I made it home.

Check out the entrance foyer. If you notice in the picture on the left, rocking chairs align an outdoor porch looking into the bustling Waikiki street. The hotel is right by the beach and guests can go out and swim or admire the scenery from their hotel rooms. The hotel is huge and super fancy with stoic pillars in front and incredible food. The poke, spring rolls, and tea sandwiches served at the events were very good!

I’ll do better with the pictures next year. I also hope to see you there next year!

For more information about this event please access the following link or conduct a simple search engine search: http://www.honoluluwritersauthorsandpoetsgathering.com/.