Island Wildlife Now Released!

Just wanted to share! Island Wildlife: Exiles, Expats and Exotic Others by Robert Friedman is now released and available for purchase. This book is a little more special to me because not only did I edit it, I designed the cover.

The story takes place in the late 80s in Puerto Rico and runs through the lives of a few characters who are tied to one place: the Solimar Guesthouse.

Buy a copy on Amazon here: Buy Island Wildlife by Robert Friedman.





MLM Cover

Major Literary Movements is a passion project I recently completed as a grad school project. It’s totally geeky, but, I really love the subject. I compiled specific bodies of work I think are relevant and designed the interior and cover to complete it. It was originally an e-book that I simply exported to PDF for ease of access.

Please feel free to download a PDF version here if you want it: Major Literary Movements_ A Collection of – Edited by Eleonor Gardner.