StoryTeller by Nicholas Bylotas

“War fills that basin, Javier. Murder is our past! Atrocity is our heritage and love is our redeemer.” — Vaks Biblent, StoryTeller (230-231) StoryTeller is a science fiction, adventure story set in a place where there are steel horses, a vanishing group of people known as “StoryTellers,” time travel and bionic people. The characters are  complicated, with backstories full of hardship and the darkest sides … Continue reading StoryTeller by Nicholas Bylotas

A Real Daughter Just Published!

A Real Daughter by Lynn McKelvey is officially published! I couldn’t be happier. A Real Daughter is a pretty interesting story; a woman named Claire, loses her daughter but, death doesn’t stop her daughter from continuing life with Claire. In fact, Claire’s daughter is still very much alive to her and it isn’t until she inherits a stepdaughter is she forced to face herself and … Continue reading A Real Daughter Just Published!

Beneath Them is Now Available!

It’s finally happened! Beneath Them was just published today! This is a great novel for anyone looking for a story that’s out of the norm–something both heartbreaking and scary. I may be a little biased since I personally edited it but, it’s one title that I’m extremely proud of and have high hopes for. Natalie Roers is definitely a woman going places! Official synopsis: Beneath … Continue reading Beneath Them is Now Available!