Words to Live By

Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner. – Lao Tzu

Best 40 Graphic Novel Bloggers

Just wanted to share some cool news! I’m on Feedspot’s “Top 40 Graphic Novel Blogs, Websites and Newsletters To Follow in 2018” List. Number 24; not too shabby. Pretty cool. And in my best Eeyore voice, thanks for noticing. Happy Friday! -E    

Words to Live By

“History is the propaganda of the victors.” ― Louis de Bernières, Corelli’s Mandolin “Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away.” ― Louis de Bernières, Corelli’s Mandolin “No man is a man until he has been a soldier.” ― Louis de Bernières, Corelli’s Mandolin      


Is the name “Eleanor” making a comeback, or is it just me? Growing up, I was always the only Eleanor; the kid with an “old lady” and tragically old-fashioned name who grew up to be a woman with a “severe” sounding name. True, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, forcing an abrupt stop with…

Words to Live By

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” –William Styron        

Seeking: Dad 2.0 by Gwendoline Raisson, illustrated by Magali Le Huche

I found this book on Netgalley and was drawn by the cover. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and the story is sweet, but this is definitely not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy feminist reads, this won’t interest you. The subject of this book is more about bringing social realities to the forefront,…