Island Wildlife – Robert Friedman

I designed the cover and edited this book.

Working on this particular project was a special experience because it was the first time I was involved in the publishing process–cover to cover.

Book cover concept: Island Wildlife is very much about people and how they choose to live their daily lives so from get-go, I knew that I wanted images of people doing something “normal” (mundane almost) on the cover. I wanted to encapsulate everyday life, but I didn’t necessarily want to focus directly on the people in the picture, just their actions, so I knew if I could I’d blur their faces.

I scoured the internet for hours looking at photographs. When I found a picture of people walking past a building with a beautiful archway, I knew it would be the image I’d build the book cover around. The original picture focused on the buildings but I scaled it so that people under the palm trees were more visible. The original image also had a large classic car in it but the author made a genius suggestion to ditch the car and add more people. I digitally removed the car, duplicated and refined the images of people, and digitally fixed the street to make everything look more believable. It took and hour or two but in the end, I was happy with it.