Review Policy


I provide honest critiques of traditional and self-published novels. Titles selected are from several genres, but my main focus is on thrillers, horror, suspense, mysteries, and emotionally impactful titles. If you think your book would be of interest, please feel free to contact me.

Review Policy

I select titles for review upon request and approval, but can’t guarantee that all requests will be answered. I also don’t guarantee a review on this website because in the past I have received books from authors that were just not very good; some were plain terrible. I have no interest in lying about the quality of a work, nor want to use my site as a platform for negativity or author-bashing. If I don’t think my review will help an author and their career, I may just opt to not post one.  It’s the best way for everyone involved. Authors don’t want really bad reviews of their work online and I don’t want to write hateful things.  If I accept work for review, I will however review on Amazon and Goodreads and invite authors to conduct interviews with me.

FTC Regulations

In accordance with new FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials for bloggers, I would like readers to know that books reviewed on this site may sometimes be provided to me for free by the publisher or author of the book.

Last updated on 2/25/17