Elinore Carrasco

“I am so lucky I came across Eleonor and asked her for her help. As a struggling graduate student, I needed a lot of help learning how to properly write a graduate thesis. My two years of school did not cover the writing basics I needed. Eleonor not only helped me edit my 50+ page paper, she also picked out major learning blocks for me to work on that helped me write an additional ten pages in the correct style. I learned how to properly write a thesis statement, what a research paper should sound like, and how to convey my thoughts in a professional tone. She made edits by using the notes connotations in Microsoft Word very quickly, efficiently, and for a very reasonable price. It was convenient to view her comments combined with my professor’s in order to create a high quality thesis. I would definitely recommend Eleonor to anyone looking for help with an undergraduate or graduate paper, or seeking a refresher in writing and grammar–I can easily say that she saved me from having to take a remedial writing course! Thank you so much!”

Elinore Carrasco, APU grad student